Monday, June 8, 2009


In the fragile thoughts
The buds of peace
Into flowers of trust
Blossom ! Blossom !

Implanting the seeds
In the soil of peace
Let us seek joys
Unbound ! Unbound !

Humans are we
Having wit to choose
Between good and bad
Remember ! Remember !

A thought of peace
Can change our mood
And shower delights
Wonderful ! Wonderful !

In the valley of peace
The pigeons of love
Shall adore the skies
Forever ! Forever !

The sinking sun
On the eastern horizon,
The fading brightness
Under the impending darkness
Snatch my desperation
From the shores of desperation.

The moon-lit night
Shall uplift my spirits,
While the cool breeze
Poses a thoughtful challenge
To ward-off the gloom
That rocks like a storm.
All is well and good
When life is understood,
In a right spirit
With a right thought

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


O Humans !
Let us impart
A thought of peace
O Humans !
Let us not inject
The venom of hatred.
Humans are we
Humans are we.

O Humans !
Let us balm
The wounded hearts
O Humans !
Let us not incite
The notion of revenge.
Humans are we
Humans are we.

O Humans !
Let us project
The positive attitude
O Humans !
Let us not ignore
The poor and hungry.
Humans are we
Humans are we.

O Humans !
Let us pick
The threads of peace
O Humans !
Let us not break
The chain of humanity
O Humans !
Humans are we
Humans are we.

IS IT JUSTIFIED (The Gaza Assault)

IS IT JUSTIFIED (The Gaza Assault)
The menacing clouds of war
Often pounce to create havoc,
The pigeons of peace
Scared and scattered, fly away.

The storm of hatred
The storm of enmity
The storm of death
The storm of destruction,
These devastating forces
Design the ugly face of war.

Men or women
Children or youth
Aged or the sick
Rich or the poor;
The ferocious WAR
Without care and concern
Without pity or parity
Extends its biased hand
Against the co-humans.

Ignoring the path of truce
The will and wish
Of the super powers
Ultimately would prevail.
It is the co-human
Who bears the brunt?
It is an act inhuman
That should be denounced.

On whom …
Should the blame be put?
On whom ….
Should the outcome be focused?
How far is it justified ….
To instill fear among citizens
To enforce self-declared laws
To massacre the innocents
To rain cluster bombs on civilians
To create mass destructions
To treat civilians as criminals
To aggressively destabilize nations?

Thursday, June 12, 2008


(to save the lives of starving Ethiopian & Cambodian children)

Their dull, dusty and dismal faces
Their desolate and pitiable glances
Their deep-sunk lustreless eyes
Their desperate and gasping cries,
Alas ! At the fag-end of survival path
Afraid, they stare at the jaws of death.

Their shattered childhood visions
Their heart-breaking compulsions
Their soul-stirring dismal conditions
Their cries of the agonizing starvation,
Alas ! They fail to stir human hearts;
Every moment a budding life departs.

Yesterday was similar, today too even
Where is the concern for a co-human?
Children are they, stung by starvation
Lifeless are they, almost like skeletons
Alas ! Grasped by the tentacles of hunger
Their tearful eyes gape, seeking succour?

Pierced by the thorns of human neglect
The discontent of desertion clearly reflects,
Is there no end to the inhumane aspect?
Or, can’t we spare time to unfold the facts?
Alas ! Children are they, starving are they
A fist of food would save them for a day,
Pray God, starvation deaths are kept at bay.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


(A poem for World Environment Day - 5th June)

Students are the nucleus of knowledge
A force to reckon, we often acknowledge;
They can decisively script a pleasant future
A greener environment they can ensure.

Students are the hope of generation next
Who can ensure total protection of the planet;
Enlightened are they, they can rightly impart
Befitting lessons to protect our environment.

Students are the torch-bearers of the future
Who can promote an eco-friendly nature;
Yes, with the might of the universal youth
Sure, we can mend the course of Mother Earth.

Students are but the icons of modern world
Not only are they intelligent, but even bold,
Every home and every school they can make
More and more greener than what we stake.

Students are a great force who uplift our spirits
Now is the time ripe to cultivate right thoughts,
Let us take a pledge to protect our lovely planet
Let us take a pledge to protect our lively environment.

It is the student, who is a force of motivation
It is he, who can control the climate condition,
It is the student who can be a unique example
It is he, who can befriend the eco-friendly people.

Monday, May 19, 2008

THERE CANNOT BE (A Poem on Mother)

(A Poem on Mother)
There cannot be such a place
Safe enough than a mother's lap,
There cannot be love of such a sort
Than that of a mother's loving heart,
There cannot be that much excuse
Than that of a mother's pleasing nature,
There cannot be that much solace
Than that of a mother's soothing words,
There cannot be such a caring glance
Than that of a mother's assuring eyes,
There cannot be such a gentle touch
Than that of a mother's caring hands,
There cannot be so deep a concern
Than that of a mother's untiring alertness,
There cannot be more such contentment
Than that of a mother's serene smile,
There cannot be a more grieving heart
Than that of a mother's hurtful feelings,
There cannot be such a peace unbound
Than that of a mother's fondling embrace,
There can never be such mercy unbound
Exception to God, than that of a MOTHER.

THE CRISIS WITHIN (A poem on Food Crisis)

(A Poem on Food Crisis)
Big nations vie to occupy a super-power level
While small nations struggle for own survival,
Humanity, can it amicably pass the crisis within?
Or defeat stares the deprived, as usual again !

In the name of peoples security and welfare
With a positive bent we vie with each other,
Showing care and concern of aggressive nature
We develop technology, devastatingly superior.

Wars often display the real face of humans
But, we stand mute witness to those actions,
Now that another calamity is likely to occur
Are we ready to offer a helping hand dear?

We talk of a world without frontiers and arms
We talk of love and equality amongst all humans;
Instead we develop weapons of mass destruction
Deceiving ourselves and the future generations.

Food, the life-saving precious commodity
If invites a human disaster by its scarcity,
As co-humans, is it not our moral duty?
To show and share humane concern and pity.

Who knows the trauma of a mother’s faith?
Who bothers, if a child starves to death?
Where is the talk of universal brotherhood?
Who is there to offer the life-saving food?

Showing least concern for life-giving ecology
We are but creating advanced warfare technology,
In the process we are destroying the origin of life
What remains if food becomes a subject of strife?

Big nations vie to occupy a super-power level, yes
While small nations struggle in the brewing crisis.